The pandemic is over, and experts say that means the COVID-19 vaccine has worked

BISMARCK, ND (KFYR) – May 5th marked the end of one of the most stressful times we will likely see in our lifetime – the pandemic.

The World Health Organization has declared that we are no longer in a global public health emergency. So does this mean the vaccine worked? Health experts think yes. In 2020, 1159 deaths from COVID-19 were registered in our country. This year is almost halfway through and we have experienced around 306 deaths so far.

“The best measure we have for a vaccine is how well does it keep you out of the hospital and how well does it keep you from getting a severe disease? How well does it keep you alive? And I think What we’re seeing is that this vaccine works very well to prevent those serious illnesses that can lead to hospitalizations and death,” said Kirby, director of disease control and forensic pathology in the public health division of the North Dakota Department of Health and Human Services. Kruger.

Krueger says that immunity is built up by people being exposed to the disease, and the vaccine helped end the pandemic. While Krueger says this is a tragic time in history, he reiterated the importance of being cautious and following good habits, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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