St. Charles Public Libraries refuses to change policy after controversy over male dressing as female.

ST. PETERS (KMOV) – Dozens of people protested outside the St. Peters Public Library Friday after a St. Charles County woman raised concerns about a male librarian dressing as a woman.

This week, Rachel Homolak posted on social media that she and her child saw a male librarian dressed as a woman in the children’s section of the St. Charles Public Library.

Homolak was scheduled to speak in person with the St. Charles city library director at a St. Peters library on Friday, but the meeting was canceled after protesters from both sides showed up.

“We agreed that it would be a civil discussion, but when it went out on social media – a public appeal to as many people as possible to come – we couldn’t have a productive discussion at that point. So, it didn’t,” said St. Charles County Library Director Jason Kuhl. “We do not accept any discrimination.”

Kuhl said the library will not change its dress code policy and the employee will not be disciplined.

“This one person complained about that person’s clothing, even though they did a wonderful job at the library,” said Grayson Jostes, who supports the library employee who was dressed as a woman. “This is what America stands for. It’s just them.”

“She was upset and we came out to support her,” said Lynne Tomlinson, who supports Homolak. “We do not hate them at all. Our duty as Christians, that is, as followers of Jesus Christ, is to love them, which we do.”

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