Resetting a bricked Pixel Watch is for a select few

Last year we saw Google take a very important step and officially dive into the smartwatch sector with its Pixel Watch, presented alongside its top-of-the-range smartphones.

Pixel Watch present various common features right with the Pixels. And among these we certainly find the speed of software support from Google. Indeed, we know that the smartwatch comes updated monthly.

In fact, Google releases periodic monthly updates for Pixel Watch. And along with these it also publishes the factory image e i file OTA of the updates released. We’ve seen how you can manually reset or update your Pixels via factory images and OTA files.

One would therefore think that the same is true for the Pixel Watch too, but in reality It is not so. In fact, Google has clarified that to use the factory images and OTA files on Pixel Watch it will be necessary to connect the smartwatch to the PC with a special connector that Google provides only your invite.

In other words, the use of factory images and OTA files for Pixel Watch not everyone is allowed users, but probably only to developers or insiders selected by Google.

So hope you never find each other for hands a Pixel Watch brickatoor that it does not start in any way due to unsuccessful software operations, otherwise you will necessarily have to resort to Google’s assistance.

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