Nikki and Brie Garcia reveal if they want their kids to be athletes

Like mom? While they are twins Nikki Garcia and Brie Garcia have retired from the wrestling ring, unsure if they want to watch their children follow in their footsteps.

“I go back and forth with Matteo. “I feel like it’s going to be more danceable,” Nikki, 39, exclusively said Us Weekly her two-year-old son with her husband Artem Chigvintsev. “Although I can see when he jumps off the couch and what he could be [a wrestler], maybe. But I think, eventually, they probably will [do] baseball or football, but I’d rather it be ballroom than wrestling.”

Nikki met Dancing with the stars pro, 40, during her season 25 stint on the competition when they were cast as partners — and she was still engaged to her now ex John Cena. After being eliminated in week 7, Nikki and the choreographer later sparked a romance in January 2019. Nikki Bella says I will the stars got engaged the following November, almost a year before Matteo’s arrival. They finally got married in August 2022.

Brie, for her part, is also on the fence about the potential for daughter Birdie, 6, and son Buddy, 2, to join the ring. Brie, 39, and husband Bryan Danielson — who is also a professional wrestler — welcomed their little ones in 2017 and 2020.

Nikki Garcia Brie Garcia reveals if they want their kids to be athletes

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“I mean Buddy [might]. Looking at him now, he’s a pretty good wrestler,” Brie said Us. “And I go back and forth with Birdie because there’s a part of Birdie where she’s an entertainer, where she likes to be creative and she’s very artistic and she likes to do things in front of an audience. But she also doesn’t like to be physical so sometimes I’m like, ‘Hmmm, I don’t know.’ I will say that I would be honored if they did, because whenever your kids look up to you and want to follow in your footsteps, you just go, ‘Oh, my God.'”

The Incomparable the co-writers joined WWE in 2007 before winning a string of Divas Championships. Earlier this year, Total Bellas alumni have announced that they are retiring from the sport and no longer plan to use their “Bella Twins” stage names.

“We were just longing for a new chapter in our lives and we knew that in doing so we had to get back to who we are and who we are – the Garcia twins,” Brie said. Us. “And I feel like for us the Bella twins were really a character in WWE. We were attached to them outside of the ring because we used the name so much, but at the end of the day, it was a big part of WWE.”

She added: “Not only is it liberating and it feels like we’ve really just gained power, but it’s almost like we can do whatever we want without asking permission. It’s like we can just grow and no one will hold us back.”

As the hosts of the “Nikki & Brie Show” podcast embark on their next chapter, they’ve found special training partners in their husbands regardless of Birdie, Buddy and Matteo’s athletic futures.

“Sometimes when we drop my son off at school, I go to the gym with Artem and that’s nice because he knows how much I want to build my glutes,” Niki explained. “So he’s putting me through a little booty boot camp. But he is so good at training me. It’s like free personal training.”

Brie noted that Danielson, 42, also helps her with her own fitness routine. “It’s fun because I can’t keep up with what he’s doing, and he takes forever to stretch. Like, it works for an hour [of] stretching. “I’m like, ‘Whatever, I’m done,'” she joked Us. “My husband is so great at training. And he reads so many books that he knows everything about the body, so he helps me in the gym.”

Gemini also likes that working together is “such a flirty time” to spend with your partner. “He looks so hot when he’s all sweaty at work,” Brie. “So I just think that’s the connection in our marriage and it’s really beautiful.”

Nikki chimed in: It’s pheromones! It’s the same when you start sweating.”

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