Here’s how AI will work within Google Messages

During the event Google I/O 2023the Mountain View colossus has once again shown its willingness to bet strongly on the development of artificial intelligence. In this sense, one of the most interesting functions has been the introduction of Magic Compose in the app Google Messages. This option, which so far has reached only a few select beta testers, is precisely based on AI and provides intelligent suggestions when composing SMS.

To join the beta testing phase certain criteria must be metamong which:

  • Be enrolled in the Google Messages app beta program on the Play Store. In this regard, Google also recommends enrollment in the beta program of Operator Services;
  • The beta is currently available in English and on Android devices equipped with US SIM cards, for users aged 18 or over;
  • Finally, Google gives priority access to users of Google One Premium, a subscription that costs €9.99 a month (or €99.99 a year) and which offers various functions, including 2 TB of storage space and premium Google Workspace features.

Returning to Magic Compose, once registered, users they will need to open an RCS conversation in Google Messages and press onspark icon, which can be found in the text field.

Once activated, Magic Compose will forward messages previously sent by the user – up to a maximum of 20 – to Google servers: in this way the SMS are analyzed and then used to provide suitable and pertinent suggestions. For a matter of privacy, however, attachments such as images and voice messages will not be sent to the servers.

As for the details of the function, users will be offered several suggestionswhich can also be customized using one of seven available styles: Remix, Excited, Chill, Shakespeare, Lyrical, Formal or Short. Each style, therefore, will offer a writing experience distinct from the others. Among other things, to improve the quality of the suggestions provided by Google, users will be able to evaluate the recommendations advanced by artificial intelligence through a like or a dislike.

Finally, Google clarified that messages sent to the servers will not be used or stored. In fact, as soon as the suggestions are generated, Google will delete the messages from its servers.

Another clarification also specifies that if you do not use the Magic Compose function, no SMS will be sent to the company.

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