Cast to TV: mirroring and streaming has never been easier

With the evolution of technology i our smartphones they have also become the means by which we access the most multimedia content. This mostly happens with Android devices.

And when we talk about multimedia content, it also makes sense to talk about mirroring e casting, since the display size of our phones is always limited. In this context, we have tried the app in the last few days Cast to TVone of the most interesting alternatives among the free ones to transmit content of any kind to your own TV.

L’app Cast to TV it is very similar to Web Video Caster, the one we tried a few weeks ago, and has some interesting peculiarities compared to the services offered by Google and other producers active in the casting sector.

The app comes with a relatively interface updated and simple. We are not talking about Material You but certainly simple to navigate. You can get a preview by looking at the screenshots below.

Cast to TV app has the main focus to cast any type of content media from phone a any device eligible connected to the same Wi-Fi network. An eligible device is a device connected to a TV or display capable of playing multimedia content. It immediately comes to mind Chromecastbut we can also think of the various Nest models or other third-party devices.

Let’s go see what they are functionality of Cast to TV that there are liked them more:

  • The app is able to play any content present in the internal memory of the phone on which it is installed. So let’s talk about video, photos and audio. The app offers a sort of integrated file manager with which it is possible to scroll through all the internal archive, even through categorized content.
  • The app offers an integrated web browser. With this you can broadcast any content that is present online.
  • The app allows you to create your own custom playlists. These can collect a series of contents present locally, or contents present on the web.
  • Through the web browser it is also possible to connect to any personal archives on the net, such as those present in a NAS.

In short, among the things we liked most about Cast to TV we certainly find the transversality in terms of content that can be transmitted.

Too bad the advertisements sometimes they interfere with using the app.

In general, we feel about recommend it especially if you need to mirror or cast content that is present online or you need to create databases with structured playlists to broadcast.

As mentioned above, the Cast to TV app is available at free download on Play Store. The use has no limitations in the free version but the presence of advertisements.

Below you will find the direct button to download and install it from the Play Store.

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