A research balloon flies over Hastings

HASTINGS, Neb. (KSNB) – A high altitude research balloon could be seen over Hastings Friday morning.

It was located just north of the city and reached an altitude of 67,000 feet. Adams County Emergency Manager Ron Puse said the balloon has been registered and is not a threat.

The Flight Radar web app identified the balloon with an alphanumeric code that it traced to a company in Sioux Falls that specializes in research balloons.

The company is Aerostar, and its website refers to its so-called Thunderhead Balloon systems. The company says it specializes in “stratospheric platforms used for surveillance, reconnaissance and telecommunications functions.”

The Flight Radar program showed that the balloon was launched on Thursday near David City in eastern Nebraska. The program showed that since launch the balloon had flown over Seward, Geneva, Edgar and Hastings.

Local4 reached out to Aerostar for more information.

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