We Asked, You Answered: The 15 Best Places to Get Shave Ice in Hawaii

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) – Shave ice is as iconic to Hawaii as rubber boots and rainbow figures.

But did you know that the dessert’s roots date back to the ancient days of Hawaii?

Japanese immigrants came to the islands in the mid-1800s to work in the sugar and pineapple fields and developed a similar concept called kagiori.

These settlers used their tools to carve pieces out of large blocks of ice and covered them with sugar or fruit juice. In Hawaiian Pidgin, the refreshing treat became known as “shaved ice,” rather than shaved ice. (However, on the island of Hawaii, it is also called “shaving ice”.)

Each local has its own ice place; – we asked the audience Instagram, Twitterand Facebook Where to get shaved ice in hawaii and diners were not disappointed.

  • Magnificence It has multiple locations throughout Maui, one on Kapahulu Avenue in Oahu and another in Hollywood, California. Ululani has been a big favorite among Maui residents for over 14 years. Ululani’s shaved ice is great, and they make all their own juices, some of which use fresh fruit.
  • Waiola Shave Ice in Makkale and Kapahulu on Oahu. Waiola Shave Ice has been serving delicious treats in Hawaii since 1940. They offer 40 different flavors of syrup and unique homemade toppings like azuki beans and custard.
  • Shimazu shop on N School Street in Oahu. This shop specializes in ice cream, halo-halo and popcorn. Tip: grab a bag of popcorn to eat alongside your shaved ice for the perfect combination of salty and sweet.
  • Ice Shave Matsumoto in Haleiwa on Oahu’s North Shore. This family shop was established in 1951 and quickly became one of the most famous ice cream places. The lines can be long, but they move quickly.
  • Ice Shave Aoki also located in Haleiwa on Oahu’s North Shore. This place is famous for its huge portions, high prices and comfortable seating area.
  • Mountain magic Waipahu on Oahu may be a small place, but the chunks of ice are HUGE. This family shop has been operating since 1999.
  • Wailua Shave Ice in Kapaa Kauai and Downtown Portland, Oregon. Wailua specializes in acai bowls and shaved ice. One foodie on TripAdvisor said, “Best shaved ice ever! It’s not ridiculously sweet like most ice creams. Just flavor and lightness.”
  • Original Big Island Shave Ice Co in Waikoloa, Hawaii, describes itself as “family roots, built with aloha.” OBISIC is known for its natural juices and supplements and very good ice.
  • Ice Kula Shave Hawaii’s Hilo Island offers a healthier and more sustainable shave ice option. They say they handcraft their flavors with organically grown/locally sourced fruit, organic cane sugar and ultra-filtered water.
  • Holy Uncle Clay’s House in Aina Haina Oahu. Uncle Clay’s has been serving up shaved ice in his community since 1996, calling the bowls of shaved ice “the taste of pure ale in one bowl.”
  • Baldwin’s Sweet Shop located in the Waimalu shopping center. Baldwin’s is known for its shaved ice and a good selection of “cracked egg” snacks. If you bring your dog, they can get their own ice cream treat.
  • Island snow in Kailua, Oahu. Island Snow offers a unique blend of authentic Hawaiian ice and great locally made clothing for sale. While some may think the two don’t go together, all of Island Snow’s items are high quality, embody Hawaiian roots, and are a testament to owner James Kodama’s dream of “sharing aloha.”
  • Wilson by Bay in Hilo, Hawaii. Hilo residents and foodies love shaved ice; one TripAdvisor reviewer said, “good flavors, good sizes, good prices, good people.”
  • Vintage Ice Cream Island in Waikiki, Oahu, at the Royal Hawaiian Center and Waikiki Beach Marriott Resort. Owned by Island Vintage Coffee, Island Vintage Shave Ice is the perfect post-beach treat.
  • Ice Shave Jojo in Waimea, Coconut Market and Hanalei Kauai. Jojo’s has been serving delicious treats to the Kauai community since 1992. They are known for their hand-crafted juices and delicious creamy coffees.

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