Watertown flood preparations are underway

Watertown, SD (Dakota News Now) – Watertown residents are urged to continue sand removal efforts at Campesca Lake on Friday.

Watertown officials met Friday morning and received word from the National Weather Service in Aberdeen. The latest data indicates that the Sioux River will continue to recede over the next few days.

It is said that since Thursday evening, the water level of the river has dropped by about one foot.

Residents around Campesca Lake are urged to continue sanding around their property as heavy snowmelt north of Watertown continues to raise lake levels and continue to rise over the next several days, officials said.

It will continue to rise through Saturday and Sunday, when it will top out at 50.4 inches. As of 8:15 Friday morning, Campesca Lake was three feet full and is currently rising at a rate of 12-15 inches per day.

Residents living in the following areas are at risk of flooding:

• 110-122 North Lake Drive

• 190-200 North Lake Drive

• 226-264 North Lake Drive

• 288-294 Arizona Avenue (All Arizona Avenue)

• 314-318 North Lake Drive

• 406 -442 North Lake Drive

• 822-824 North Lake Drive

• 718 – 724 Dora Ave

• 506-512 South Lake Drive

• 522-539 South Lake Drive

• 550-570 South Lake Drive

• 576-588 South Lake Drive

• 598-634 South Lake Drive

• 640-642 South Lake Drive

• 658-670 South Lake Drive

• 728 South Lake Drive

Lake residents should also be aware that gusty winds of 30-40 mph are expected Saturday morning into Sunday.

Preparation at home

Homeowners whose homes are vulnerable to flooding should cover sink drains, cover drains outside the basement and clean all other connections to the sanitary sewer system to prevent flooding from entering the system, officials said. Residents who fail to do so may back the wastewater into their own and neighboring residences.

Features of the sandbag

Sand filling areas were placed around the lake. They include:

• Memorial Park – 1200 North Lake Drive

• Gliding Airport – 200 North Lake Drive

• Jackson Park (South) – 336 South Lake Drive

Sandbags are available at these locations as well as at the Codington County Sheriff’s Office located at 119 South Maple Street. A limited number of sand fills are available at the Codington County Extension Building. South Lake Drive will be closed to traffic in the area until they are removed. However, residents living in the area will be able to access their homes.

If you are interested in volunteering to fill sandbags, contact Cheri Howell at the Codington Emergency Management Office at (605) 882-6272.

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