The Roosevelt High School threat has been ruled a hoax

SIOUX FALLS, SD (Dakota News Now) – Roosevelt High School’s principal notified the school community Friday morning of a threatening message from earlier this week.

Principal Tim Hazlett said school officials were made aware of a social media post that contained “language that could be considered threatening.”

Hazlett wrote that the school is cooperating with law enforcement to investigate the situation.

According to Hazlett, the account used to send the alleged threat was a fraudulent account. There was no real threat.

Hazlett stated that the incident caused rumors and he asked the public for help in dispelling the rumors.

“There is no threat at this time, but as always, if anyone has firsthand knowledge, please pass that information on to the school as soon as possible. We continue to encourage you to ‘See Something, Say Something’ so we can address these concerns and slow the spread of rumors,” Hazlett said.

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