The app to have the Pixel Privacy Dashboard on all Android phones

We have often talked about the particular commitment shown by Google in recent years towards the privacy. We have seen this on all Android smartphones, and in particular on Pixels with new versions of Android.

Among the most recent news on privacy we find the Privacy Dashboard, the section integrated at the Android system level that allows you to keep under control all the activities that the installed apps perform in terms of personal data collection. Google’s Privacy Dashboard is mostly available to Pixel owners, but for others, there’s a great alternative. It’s called Privacy Dashboard, it’s a third-party app and in recent days we tried it in depth.

Truly be in control of privacy

Privacy Dashboard is a very well developed app, with a very neat, intuitive and pleasant graphical interface. This is the same developer who created Pixel Search and Shortcut Manager, those who have tried them will immediately recognize the shared graphical interface.

Using the Privacy Dashboard basically has one purpose: to have the full control of all information concerning the accesses performed by the various apps installed to your personal data.

As you can see from the screenshots in the gallerywith the Privacy Dashboard it will be possible to control which apps are logged in to critical sensors for privacy, such as the microphonethe camera and the position. Checking this information is of particular interest because it allows you to understand if there are apps that acquire personal information by accessing your location or microphone in the background.

Therefore, with Privacy Dashboard it is possible to realize if there are apps that perform access to sensors of your device when they shouldn’t, such as when the phone is on standby at night. The app interface is very intuitive and allows you to have a overview of the various accesses made to the sensors of the smartphone but also includes some specific sections for each sensor in which the various accesses made by the apps on a timeline are collected.

Each section referring to each device sensor allows you to quickly access the Android Settings section where you can manage permissions of access to various apps, so that in case you notice something wrong in terms of accesses by specific apps, it is easy to quickly revoke access to a specific app. There is no shortage of badge in verde which are shown on the screen when a specific app uses one of the smartphone sensors live.

In short, you will have understood that the Privacy Dashboard app beginning practically perfect what the built-in Privacy Dashboard in Android offers. But there are also some bonuses: you can customize the himit’s possible to exclude specific apps from monitoring, as well as possible reset the chronology of monitoring.

To conclude, the Privacy Dashboard app is one Valid alternative for those who do not have a smartphone that integrates the Google Privacy Dashboard at system level.

But it could also be suitable for those who are not satisfied with the Google tool and search greater customization.

Privacy Dashboard is also free

The Privacy Dashboard app is available at free download on Play Store. There are no advertisements, just as there are no subscriptions to unlock any additional features.

Below you will find the button for download and install it dal Play Store.

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