Search for Noel Rodriguez-Alvarez: Investigators say human remains were once in shed

EVERMAN (CBSNewsTexas) – Everman investigators searching for 6-year-old Noel Rodriguez-Alvarez said there were human remains at some point in the shed where he lived.

It was before the installation of the patio, which was the focus of their search, because the dogs were alerted to the body on the carpet, which the investigators recovered.

Additionally, investigators said they learned the child’s stepfather had dumped a large indoor/outdoor rug in a nearby dumpster. He did it the night before the boy’s family left for India without him.

Dogs on the carpet alert on April 10, when Texas Search and Rescue and Texas Investigations have attempted to locate Rodriguez-Alvarez. Investigators said the carpet was previously used as a base and floor (directly above the ground) for a “shift” shed that was previously built where the current patio sits. Once again this brought the investigators back to the “unauthorized and suspicious” deck.

Investigators obtained a search warrant to remove the entire porch, and crews began work Monday afternoon.

After opening the concrete deck, multiple cadaver dogs alerted to the soil directly beneath the concrete. Anthropologists from the Tarrant County Medical Examiner’s Office assisted with excavation efforts and provided expert guidance to investigators and crews. As the excavation work progressed, the top soil was removed and placed in certain nearby areas. Canines continued to alert in some areas of the upper layer; However, according to the police, the warning about the soil under the porch was stopped.

Crews took a break on April 11 while investigators continued to work behind the scenes to identify more areas to search.

City workers were called to clean up debris from the yard. The city will then work with a registered contractor to repair/replace the patio with proper permits and plans, police said.

Investigators and members of TEXSAR continued to search open areas of nearby wooded areas that are more accessible to the property.

“While there is currently no concrete evidence that leads us to any specific area, we will continue to be diligent and diligent in this search,” investigators said.

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