Pastor Lincoln returns from Ukraine after providing humanitarian aid

LINCOLN, Neb. (COLOGNE) – Back in March, 10/11 NOW told the story of a Lincoln pastor who was about to travel to Ukraine to provide humanitarian aid and comfort to one of the most affected areas of the country. Pastor Gary Fuller has just returned from spending nearly two weeks in and around Kherson, which was liberated by Ukrainian forces late last year.

Fuller and his team brought 1,500 boxes of food, which in total could prepare about 20,000 meals for the villagers outside.

“As far as our mission and our goals, I’d say it’s blown out of the water,” Fuller said. “We worked 10, 20 times more than we ever thought the Lord would allow us to do with these people.”

On the other hand, Fuller said that the situation for the citizens of Ukraine is much worse than he imagined, and he said that he is happy to do whatever he can.

With much support from the Lincoln community, he walked away with thousands more than the $15,000 expected.

The team was able to help with roofing projects and even get some injured soldiers prosthetic legs.

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