Nevada lawmakers are awaiting details of A’s purchase of land in Las Vegas

CARSON CITY, Nev. (AP) — Nevada legislative leaders said Thursday they know little about the Oakland Athletics’ plans to move to Las Vegas, other than that there is a land purchase agreement, a funding bill coming up and nothing else. . operation schedule.

The Major League Baseball team announced late Wednesday that it has signed a binding agreement to purchase vacant property near the Las Vegas Strip owned by Red Rock Resorts for a new retractable roof ballpark, ending the controversy surrounding the team in the Bay Area. put

The purchase now sets up a series of public-private financing arrangements that need approval from state lawmakers as well as local officials.

The stadium and other projects are expected to cost about $1.5 billion independent nevada, While the A’s are asking for $500 million in state aid, said Clark County Commissioner Michael Naft, who is involved with the A’s and the district’s potential stadium site.

“This is what they came up with,” said Naft of financing A. “You don’t always get what you want. And I think that’s probably the case with $500 million.”

Naft said the NFL Raiders move from Oakland, California to Las Vegas in 2020 has helped revolutionize Las Vegas as a major sports city. But even with the land purchase, he remained unanswered about how the new stadium would affect Las Vegas’ year-round residents.

“I think the fact that Oakland is no longer an option last night means we can have a more serious conversation about moving into our community,” he said.

How much say the Board of County Commissioners has depends on how much leeway the state legislature gives them in negotiations. Naft said the Legislature could establish a limited mandate that the county must follow or create a plan that would give commissioners more negotiating power.

For now, several state government officials have expressed optimism, but will not release more details until more details are released.

State Senate Majority Leader Nicole Cannizzaro, a Democrat, “has been briefed on the proposal and she appreciates the interest of the A’s in Las Vegas,” spokesman Greg Lademann said.

“However, (Cannizzaro) has not committed to supporting any deal without first seeing the detailed language of the legislation and discussing it with his caucus,” Lademan said.

The Legislature enters the final six weeks of its biennial session. A funding bill of this nature is exempt from the deadline for submission and passage of bills from their first committees.

Nevada Republican Gov. Joe Lombardo is sticking to his campaign promise not to raise taxes, spokeswoman Elizabeth Ray said in a statement.

“The prospect of bringing new jobs, more economic development and an exceptional MLB team to Las Vegas is exciting on many levels,” Lombardo said in a statement. “I am in contact with the A’s, Major League Baseball, legislative leadership and local and state stakeholders as we take advantage of this opportunity.”

Others were generally supportive when speaking broadly.

The chairman of the Democratic Assembly, Steve Yeager, noted the city’s recent success in hosting sports teams.

“It’s important that we consider both the benefits and the impacts to Las Vegas and the state,” Yeager said.

Senate Minority Leader Heidi Sievers Gansert echoed the same sentiment in a statement, saying she looks forward to hearing the proposal.

Republican Assemblywoman Daniel Gallant said her caucus “supports our governor as he navigates potential ways to diversify our economy and strengthen the existing industries that make Nevada unique.”

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