Man previously accused as health inspector arrested in Las Vegas child sex sting

Las Vegas, Nev. (FOX5) – A man previously accused of impersonating a health inspector for stealing from a business has been arrested in a child sex sting, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police announced.

22-year-old Dimitar Kolev is one of the 15 people arrested during the attack. According to the LVMPD, the operation took place on April 6-7 and was a joint effort involving the FBI, Henderson Police, North Las Vegas Police, the Nevada Attorney General’s Office, the US Air Force and US Homeland Security. The operation is based in North Las Vegas.

LVMPD said undercover agents are posing as minors online. After undercover officers were approached by adults for sex, a meeting was organized and the suspects were arrested, police said.

Last summer, Kolev was accused of posing as a health inspector and stealing from two fast food restaurants in the southwest valley.

Dimitar Kolev
Dimitar Kolev(Las Vegas Police Department)

Officials previously said that in both cases, the suspect entered the businesses pretending to be a health inspector and convinced employees to open their safes. After taking money from the safe, the suspect fled the area, Las Vegas police said.

Kolev told police that he chose fast food locations because he “knew that young children worked there and could easily manipulate them into opening safes.” Kolev also told police he would “continue to commit crimes to survive after he gets out of prison,” according to the arrest report.

14 other people arrested in this attack are:

  • Nathan Foreman, 41;
  • Cesar Martinez, 30;
  • Ravinder Randhawa, 32;
  • Louis Douglas, 29;
  • Devin Fox, 24;
  • Summary of Patrick, 35;
  • Angel De Jesus Padilla-Garcia, 29;
  • James Hernandez, 56;
  • Dion York, 26;
  • Oliver Boulong, 25;
  • Christopher Gamarro, 22;
  • Joseph Soto, 30;
  • Yunus Labang, 21;
  • Jonathon Brown, 37.

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