Las Vegas leads the U.S. for evictions among major cities, data shows

LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – A think tank study shows that Las Vegas leads among major cities for foreclosures, but housing advocates tell FOX5 the problem is much worse and will continue to grow.

According to Excretion Laboratory, Las Vegas sees 57,000 evictions in 2022. According to the Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada, in a typical year there are more than 30,000 eviction cases in Las Vegas Justice Court alone.

“We’re seeing at least double the numbers of last year and we’re expecting more this year,” said Aaron MacDonald of Legal Aid. McDonald said the number of leaks is underreported; many people move before the constable forces people to move. Also, this statistic does not count the evictions in Henderson or North Las Vegas.

Macdonald and other housing advocates agree that there aren’t enough resources for everyone who needs help.

The Nevada Housing Coalition states that Nevada lacks 83,994 units for the poorest Nevadans to live.

“There are long waiting lists for people who need affordable housing, rents are high around the world. This will make the problem worse and make the issue more complicated,” he said.

Federal COVID-19 funding for CHAP housing funds ended as recently as January. Those applying for a new round of funding face more hurdles because fewer people qualify.

“You’re seeing all walks of life now being evicted. We’re seeing people laid off during the pandemic and never getting back on their feet: a lot of families, people who traditionally wouldn’t have faced eviction,” MacDonald said.

Legal Aid advises anyone struggling to pay rent to apply for any and all programs and to respond to any rent or eviction notices. Legal Aid also has a new eviction referral program. All the details can be found here Here.

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