Iliad and Younited together for the iPhone in installments and zero interest

iliad announced this morning, during a meeting with the press that took place in its Milan headquarters, a new commercial project that will allow its customers to purchase an iPhone, paying for it in installments and at zero interest.

All this will be possible thanks to the collaboration with the fintech europea Younited. From today, therefore, all iliad mobile users who want to buy an Apple smartphone will be able to do so by paying it in affordable installments, without any down payment through a completely online purchase process in a few simple clicks.

After all, as pointed out Giorgio Carafa Cohen, head of marketing and communication of Iliad, in an average declining market, Apple’s products continue to grow. Here, therefore, explains the particular attention of Iliad for the iPhone.

The new service, which adds to the possibility of purchasing in a single solution, will be accessible to both those who have subscribed to a mobile offer for a few moments, and the most loyal iliad users will therefore be able to access the new payment method.

The possibility of financing at 0% interest offered by iliad together with Younited Pay allows you to defer the payment over 12 or 24 months, with the first installment 30 days after delivery of the phone. Furthermore, the user will be able to receive an immediate discount on the value of the loan, and therefore on the monthly payment, by choosing between two options:

– Spot trade-ins. It allows the user to exchange an Apple device and immediately obtain a discount on the installment, equal to the value of the used device.
– Forward trade-ins. It allows you to have a reduction on the amount to be financed equal to the residual value of the device by choosing to return the iPhone at the end of the financing period. As also pointed out Francesca IndinoSmartphone & Multiproduct Marketing Manager of Iliad, this solution is the fastest available on the market today to put an Apple iPhone in your pocket.

Iliad’s personalized financing

The financing can be personalized according to the user’s needs, combining one or both trade-in options, which reduce the installment to a minimum and favor the recovery of old devices, reducing the impact of electronic devices on the environment. The entire purchase process and the Younited Pay interest-free loan request are made completely online: from the choice of the desired model to the completion of the loan request, which will be evaluated by Younited, and which will be processed in a few moments.

“We have been in Italy since 2016 and we are to all intents and purposes a bank, a financial institution capable of disbursing instant credit. We have created a simple, innovative and transparent financing product for Iliad, which meets both the needs of the company and its customers. For the Younited Pay Italia team it was an electrifying challenge that we hope will represent the first step of a long journey to be built together. – he has declared Nicola Manzari, COO of Younited Italia.

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