How to set up a TV with Android

Set up a new TV with Android it may seem like a relatively simple process, especially to those who already chew a lot of technology on a daily basis, but it is not like that for everyone, and since there are several steps to take, alternating between the telephone and the television, in this (video) guide we are going to explore all the various ways to set up a TV (or box) with Android TV o Google TVboth using the app Google Home o l’app Google (depending on the case), available for Android but also for iPhone, which directly from the TV itself, without the aid of any telephone. Before starting, we remind you of our articles dedicated to how Google TV works, what are the best Android TVs and the best TV boxes on the market, at least you’ll already have an excellent starting point.

The steps for set up an Android TV or Google TV they are very similar to each other, but can still differ a bit depending on the case.

The software is not always the same, the manufacturers are different, and therefore something here and there can change. In principle, however, there are always on-screen instructions, in Italian, which should help you. However, we will try to cover every possible case; in any case the video at the beginning of the article, which we invite you to look at first, should remove any residual doubts.

In particular in some cases it will be necessary first pair the remote control to the TV or to the external box (this if the remote control is only Bluetooth). This step is obviously necessary because without the remote control you will not be able to interact with the TV in any way, therefore it is mandatory. It’s about hold down a couple of buttons (usually back arrow and home button – the one with the house) for about 5 seconds. However, you must necessarily follow the on-screen instructions in this case, because the buttons to press may differ or the procedure itself may be slightly different.

In the case of many TVs with Android operating system, this step is not necessarysince it occurs above all in the case of external TV boxes.

Once the remote is able to interact with the TV, locate the directional circle. By now almost all remote controls, however different from each other, have or a circle with a button in the center, or of four arrows with a button in the centre. The concept does not change: the circle/arrows are used to move up / down / right / left in the interface, while with OK key confirm the chosen option. And during the initial configuration it will be all a matter of choosing options and confirming: you are warned!

The first part of the configuration is therefore rather linear: you will have to choose the lingua (there is always Italian) from a very long list, and subsequently the geographical area. You move with the arrows and confirm with the central key. After a few steps you will arrive at the first real fundamental junction.

In fact, you can proceed in the actual configuration in three ways: with l’app Google Homecon l’app Googleo no phone. You really can’t decide the first two options: the TV / box will tell you whether to use one or the other, depending on the software inside. In case you don’t want to use any app, there will always be an option to continue directly with the TV only. The difference is that, in the latter case, you will have to enter passwords and other data with the remote control, moving to an on-screen keyboard (slow procedure), while otherwise you will do everything from the phone (fast procedure). So let’s see the main differences between the two apps.

Con Google Home (Android e iPhone)

In the case of configuration via the Google Home app (downloadable from here to android e from here for iPhone), you will have to start the app and if you are lucky you will immediately find a notification, or in any case a warning within the app, which invites you to configure a new device.

If not, press the + button at the top left and select “configure device” and subsequently “new device“, then choosing the casa in which you will install it among those listed (possibly create a new one if you want).

The automatic search for new devices will start, which should last a few seconds and immediately find the TV / box to configure, and at the end you will have to frame the codice QR which is shown on the TV. From then on it’s all downhill, in the sense that transferring the phone’s Wi-Fi connection to the TV will be a matter of a few taps, as will copying your Google account to the TV. Just follow the instructions on the phone screen, and confirm the various steps gradually, at most by entering the smartphone unlocking method to confirm the transfer.

At the end you will also be offered a series of app to install on the TVwhich you can choose at will, and finally you will have to decide whether to use it or not the Google Assistant on the TVas well as confirming a number of privacy options.

These are all things that can also be changed later, once the configuration is complete, so feel free to deny (or confirm) everything without too much delay, because in any case it is nothing definitive.

Con Google App (Android e iPhone)

As an alternative to the Google Home app, your TV / box may offer you to use the Google app (here the download per AndroidWho the one for iPhone). The procedure is similar but not identical. If you know how to start the google assistant just do it and then tell it “configure my device“; alternatively you can launch the Google app and click on the microphone in the search bar, saying the same phrase. You can also write “configure device” in the search bar, to avoid having to speak.

In any case, one will start automatic procedurewhich doesn’t involve scanning a QR code but only confirming an alphanumeric code shown on the TV, and from there on it’s like using the Google Home app.

That is, you will have to choose the Wi-Fi network to connect the TV to and then transfer the Google account, in exactly the same way, including the final configuration of Assistant and app.

Without phone

If you didn’t have one smartphone Android o iPhone at hand, or if you really don’t want to use it, you can also proceed by selecting the “configure on the TV” via the remote control. The various steps to be performed generally do not change, however the input method does change. In particular, you will have to enter the wifi password eh login data of your Google account using the remote control, i.e. moving with the arrows on a virtual keyboard that will appear on the TV. It’s nothing difficult, it’s just one lengthy and error-prone processwhich will lengthen the times even more.

The selection of apps to install, and all the various options for Assistant and privacy will always be present: you just have to confirm them on the TV screen, using the usual remote control keys.

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