How to make your own gorgeous widgets: KWGT is the ultimate answer

Since its inception we have always praised Android for its many customization possibilities. We’ve also written a detailed guide for customizing Android for everyone. This aspect is still of particular relevance today, when the Apple counterpart has opened up to several customizations for your iOS.

Until a few years ago, an absolute exclusive of Android in terms of personalization consisted of widgets. These graphic elements offer many possibilities, both in terms of the graphic aspect of the interface and in terms of the information they offer. And if you’re really passionate about widgets, you can’t help but give them a try KWGT, a very powerful app for designing and designing widgets that we have been trying out for the past few days.

The widgets are created by you, from scratch

KWGT is one of the very few apps that allows one total customization of the widgets. In fact, the app comes with a fairly intuitive interface, with a home screen that collects practically all the possibilities made available in the context of creating a widget.

With KWGT you will have basically two roads available for creating widgets. The first consists in the possibility of drawing on already built structures for creating a widget. These packs of pre-built widgets are available on the Play Store as standalone apps and can be downloaded directly from KWGT for use within the app.

The preset packs for widgets are similar to the icon packs available for various Android launchers: with these packs you will be able to use wdgets as they are or customize them in each of their elements.

The second major route you can take with KWGT is the ability to create a widget from scratch. This means that you will have to decide and create each element of the widget from scratch. We will therefore start by defining the formthe hue of the various elements, any connections to insert in the buttons of the widget, the fonts, the size. In short, you will have understood that the KWGT editor allows you to customize any element of the widget.

Its structure is similar to that seen for the Adobe suite products where you work by items e by levels.

Either way, getting started creating a widget with KWGT is really easy. These are the preliminary steps:

  1. Install the app from Play Store.
  2. Go to the home screen of your smartphone.
  3. Make a long press until the contextual menu appears.
  4. Touch Widget.
  5. Choose one of the widgets made available by KWGT.
  6. A blank widget will be created on the home screen, tap it and the KWGT editor will open.

Overall we can say that KWGT has two faces: the first smiles at all who are customization enthusiasts android. The options available are many, it really will be impossible find a widget aspect that is not customizable with KWGT.

The other side of KWGT always consists in the large choice of customization, which can lead to a negative side. Not all users are able to conceive and structure from scratch a widget: it is a considerable job, which requires knowledge of graphics and a propensity for design.

Therefore, it is said that by creating a widget from scratch with KWGT you will be able to get exactly what you want. Furthermore, it is said that not all users have the tempo necessary for creating a widget from scratch. Luckily there are pre-set packages.

KWGT is for lovers of customization, but there is also the community

In short, you may have guessed that KWGT is a tool for who it is really passionate of customization. We find it especially indicated for those who are passionate about design and who already they have experience in graphical user interface design.

But be careful because KWGT is also suitable for those who want one nice and ready porridge. This is possible with i preset packages of widgets (although not all of them are compatible with Android 13, at least at the moment). Besides, there are also different community very active, such as for example the one on Reddit.

On the official Reddit channel you can find a myriad of customizations made by common users, complete with instructions and resources to exactly reproduce the published widgets.

For us who have a few years behind us, visit the community Reddit of KWGT brought us back in timein those forums where there were huge threads where people shared their home screen and Android interface customizations.

A world of customization, all for free

KWGT is a tool in itself free. You can download and install it from the Play Store for free. Its use does not require subscriptions to use or to unlock additional features. Some widget packs on the Play Store could be a paymentclearly these are independent of KWGT.

Below you will find the direct button to download and install it from the Play Store.

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