How to disable upday on samsung phones

Over the years we have seen the smartphone sector evolve more and more, both in terms of hardware and software with Android which has offered more and more possibilities. These are then further enriched by the customizations made by individual manufacturers to their devices.

Among the manufacturers that we have always found present in the Android smartphone market we find Samsung. The South Korean manufacturer offers the One UI such as software interface and Android customization. Among the various services offered by default on your smartphones we find Upday.

It is a feed of news and content that may prove to be more or less useful. Since it comes pre-installed on most of Samsung’s phones and tablets, we’re going to see in this guide how to disable update. Specifically, we’re going to see how to turn off its notifications e how to uninstall it completely.


What is upday

Before going to see how to disable upday it is good to understand exactly what it is.

Upday is a news and content aggregator that we usually find pre-installed on Samsung devices. Basically it is about a kind of Google Newswith a news feed that is served based on the user profilebased on the interests and browsing history of the specific user.

From this we understand that such a service could not prove to be useful for everyoneor even reveal themselves invasive with periodic notifications, unsolicited battery and resource consumption.

How to disable upday on Samsung phones and tablets

The procedure we are about to see explains how to disable the upday service on telephone e tablet from Samsung. Therefore, the steps that we will see apply to both smartphones and tablets. We talk about deactivation because, since it is a pre-installed and frequently integrated service with Bixby Homeit turns out very difficult to uninstall.

  1. Access the page Bixby Home (the leftmost one when you turn on the device).
  2. Press the three dots icon at the top right.
  3. Access the section Cards.
  4. To select up day.
  5. Move up OFF the options upday NEWS not to be missed, NOTIZIE upday e upday Top Calcio.

In this way they will never see each other again the content offered by upday on the Bixby Home screen.

How to disable upday notifications

The update service comes pre-installed for most Samsung devices but can also be installed on all other Android devices via its official app. Therefore, it can come in handy to know how turn off its notifications even if you have it installed:

  1. Log in to Settings system of your device.
  2. Access the section App.
  3. Look for up day in the list.
    • At this point it may be necessary to access the section System apps, via the menu marked by three vertical dots. This happens when upday results in system apps.
  4. Access the section Notifications.
  5. Deactivate all notifications.

How to uninstall update

From the previous paragraphs we have understood that if upday is pre-installed by the manufacturer, as is the case for most Samsung devices, then it cannot be uninstalled. Unless you resort to procedures that require the acquisition of root permissions.

In all other cases, i.e. when upday it does not appear pre-installed from the manufacturer, the app can be uninstalled via the classic methods.

Uninstall can be done directly from launcherholding down on the upday icon and then tapping on Uninstall; or by accessing the upday Play Store page and selecting Uninstall.

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