Day 4: Further witness testimony is awaited at Mason Sisk’s trial

LIMESTONE Co., Ala. (WAFF) – Another day in the trial of an Elkmont teenager accused of murdering five members of his family began Thursday morning in Limestone County.

Mason Sisk was arrested and charged in 2019 with the murders of five members of his family at the age of 14. The case was dismissed as a mistrial in September 2022 after new evidence came to light.

The prosecution began its opening statements Tuesday after jury selection was completed. For most of Wednesday, witnesses took the stand. Two deputies from the Limestone County Sheriff’s Office and a doctor from the state medical examiner’s office testified Wednesday.

According to WAFF reporter Megan Plotka, the prosecution believes the case will continue until Monday. Stay tuned for live updates throughout Thursday.

Greg Bartlett, works for the “inmate phone company.”

Greg Bartlett was called on and he was questioned first by the defense. Bartlett works for an inmate telephone company. Bartlett’s company works to provide equipment to more than 400 prisons and jails.

Bartlett was asked about the “squealing devices”. These devices have typing capabilities and charge users for incoming and outgoing texts.

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