Beaver Creek Hills is passionate about education

SIOUX FALLS, SD (Dakota News Now) – Brayden Metzger is a senior at Beaver Creek Hills High School with a 3.93 GPA.

“She’s valedictorian of the class, so you have to have the brain power to do that. But she’s also doing really well and doing the readings that she’s supposed to do,” the guidance counselor said. at Dan Ellingson Beaver Creek Hills High School.

He plays soccer, basketball and runs Track, while crediting his family for his drive and determination.

“There were several people in my life. My parents, Ross and Heather Metzger, they really pushed me, you want to be known as that guy. My older cousins, my whole family, you want to be known as that guy. A smart kid and a kid who wants to succeed on the field, on the field or on the road, wherever you want. You want to succeed in life, don’t give up,” Brayden said.

He is also in the Math League and Student Council.

“I like mathematics. It’s just simple. That high school math,” Brayden said.

Brayden plans to attend Northwestern Iowa College.

“Whenever he answers questions, especially essay questions. He does an excellent job of answering them, he is very thorough. He is excited about studying. He will now be a high school math teacher, so we are excited to see kids like him want to be teachers,” Ellingson said.

He has taken 27 college credit classes and is ready to rock and roll when he gets to college.

“I want to be known as that guy as a role model. Who tries to put others before me to succeed, but I still succeed with them,” Brayden said.

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