AV strollers recalled after three children died

WASHINGTON (TASS). Nearly 85,000 audiovisual strollers were recalled on Thursday due to a risk of collapse that killed three children. according to to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission and the product manufacturer.

Metal and plastic AV carts manufactured by office furniture company Luxor can tip over when heavy items such as CRT televisions are loaded, the CPSC and Luxor said in an announcement.

“All consumers, including individuals, schools, daycare centers and places of worship, etc., who use these carts to transport audio or video equipment where children are present, should be aware of the dangers of the carts when loaded. [cathode-ray tube] TVs,” the recall notice said.

The recall includes three cart models: the WT42 “Tuffy” plastic cart; metal cart W42/AVJ42/SS-AVJ42; and LP-DUO/TPDUOEQ plastic cart.

The deaths of three children were related to the carts, while one child was reported to have sustained serious injuries. The incidents took place between 2006 and 2016.

Authorities have advised consumers to stop using the recalled products immediately and contact Luxor for repair of the defective products. The manufacturer provides metal ballast kits to stabilize defective carts that consumers can install on the bottom shelf of carts.

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