Adoption of Android 13 is booming

The Android fragmentation a problem remains, but it is a fact that in the last year, Android smartphone makers have made a net difference breakthrough as for the timeliness of updates.

This commitment has begun to produce its results: if indeed Android 12 rose to 13.3% in one year, Android 13 in suns quattro months has passed since 5% al 12,1%.

But where do these come from? numbers? Google used to update the Android adoption rate monthly in a page on purposeespecially useful for developers to decide the minimum version of the operating system supported by their app, and therefore the percentage of users that they could not install it.

For non-developers though, it gave an indication of the Android adoption ratewhich was useful for drawing conclusions about the fragmentation of the little green robot, and on the success of one version over another. Then Google decided that this data was needed exclusively to developers, and moved them to Android Studiothe integrated development environment for developing Android apps, updating them no longer monthly but every three months.

In these statistics, new versions of the robot appear at JanuaryTherefore Android 13 arrived in January 2023, showing an adoption rate of 5% (image below, we added the color red to facilitate identification).

By April 2023, three months later, the rate had shot up to 12,1%.

Of course, it’s still too early to sing vittoria, but the growth rate of the latest version seems to largely exceed that of Android 12, which as we said in a anno it reached 13.3%.

As for the other versions of Android, the market share of Android 11 (R) with 23.5%, well above the 16.5% of Android 12 and Android 12L (Q) combined.

It therefore seems that, apart from fragmentation, i smartphone manufacturers we understand the users’ will to have updated devices quickly and long, and you no longer need to take a Pixel to get quick updates.

Samsungon the strength of its enormous market share, is certainly the company driving this real “revolution”, which extends beyond smartphones premium to understand those cheap, but also companies such as OPPO, OnePlus e Realm have adapted to this new reality.

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