A Watford City man has been charged with manslaughter after running over a six-year-old boy

WATFORD CITY, ND (KUMV) – A 19-year-old Watford City man was arrested and charged with negligent homicide for running over a six-year-old boy Saturday night.

Julian Montoya drove around the corner of a Watford City apartment complex when he hit a child who was riding a bicycle in the road, court documents said. Montoya originally told officers he didn’t see the child, but later admitted he did, but didn’t have time to stop.

According to police, there are several signs in the complex that indicate a speed limit of 10 miles per hour. Montoya said he thought he was going about five miles an hour.

Police said black tire tracks were left at the scene, indicating a high rate of speed. They added that there was no evidence that Montoya hit the breaks or took any evasive action.

Montoya was also cited for driving without a license.

A bond hearing for Montoya is scheduled for Wednesday. His preliminary hearing will be held on May 11.

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