‘420 Fest’ brings cannabis fans to the Delmar Loop

UNIVERSITY CITY, Mo. (KMOV) – Cannabis fans came together Saturday afternoon in the Delmar Loop to celebrate the first year of legal recreational marijuana.

Hundreds of people attended 420 Fest on the Delmar Loop, where dozens of stalls sold cannabis paraphernalia, food, drinks and more. Attendees say that despite the cold weather, they were free in the open space and enjoyed the live music.

“Nobody’s afraid to be themselves anymore,” said participant Tika Isby. “It’s really amazing. All these people here. The weather is a little cold, but it’s good.”

“This is a counter culture. This is culture. And it was around. It’s just more people embracing it,” said Jesse Faulkner of Sunshine Daydream Emporium.

Adult recreational cannabis sales continue to hit records after Missouri becomes legal. Head of State Health Department recorded more than $165 million in entertainment sales in February and March alone.

Demand now threatens to strain the supply chain, which is still growing. A spokesperson for the Missouri Cannabis Trade Association says supply is tight, but the market is expected to grow as more suppliers are added.

Marijuana was not sold at the event, as it can be legally sold at dispensaries to persons 21 and older.

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