YouTube Music for Android has a new feature that’s useful for when the network goes away

Among the many services and apps that Google proposes on smartphone e tablet we find YouTube Musicthe platform dedicated to music streaming born from the giant YouTube.

In the last few hours, some have emerged important news for the YouTube Music app dedicated to Android devices. Google has in fact started the distribution of one of the latest news announced, the one corresponding to the possibility of download automatically i recent songs.

Google’s newly introduced feature on YouTube Music is reserved to all subscribers premium to the service and will allow the app to automatically download songs recently listened to by the user. Specifically, the app will automatically download the latest ones 200 songs listened to by the user with YouTube Music.

YouTube Music non seems to have received one section which collects recently listened to songs and automatically downloads them. And it seems equally certain that at the moment the novelty concerns exclusively Android devices.

The new feature can be activated or deactivated through the settings of the app. Its main purpose is clearly to provide musical content even when the connectivity is scarcejust going to make offline all content that is more likely to be searched by users.

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