World War II vet speaks out after being injured in Las Vegas police chase

Las Vegas, Nev. (FOX5) – FOX5 has an update on a World War II veteran who was seriously injured following a high-speed police chase.

“He said, ‘Am I in the hospital?’ I said, ‘Yeah…you need to get better,’ and he smiled at me and that was all I needed,” Sherri Maskin said of her first conversation with her husband, Herb he said when he arrived at the hospital. This couple has been married for 67 years. Last year, FOX5 introduced their love story.

After his years in the service, Herb became an orthodontist and raised a family in New York before retiring to Las Vegas for his love of blackjack. A century-long life of police harassment almost ended. Herb broke a vertebra in his neck in the accident and was hospitalized last Saturday with respiratory problems.

“They had to have an ambulance come and they came right away and helped him,” said Herb’s son Drew Maskin. The WWII vet continued to fight.

“I want to go home,” he said in a video shared with FOX5. His family says Herb is doing better than ever to talk again after being taken off a ventilator this week. His son says there are some signs he is doing better. He asked to see his dogs, and the former orthodontist even complimented his nurse on his braces.

His two sons dropped everything and flew across the country to be with him as he remained in the hospital. He has a family financing account organized to help with expenses.

As for the two women police were chasing in the stolen car the night of the crash, Lorraine Alvarado, who was shot after she fired a gun at police, remains in the Clark County Detention Center pending this report.

Another suspect, Cassandra Alvarez, also remains in jail.

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