What’s the code that’s supposed to let you know if you’re being tapped?

There has been news for a long time about a code to type on your smartphone that would allow you to find out if you are being spied on or intercepted. Recently this news has also started to spread on social networks thanks to the proliferation of the vertical short video format.

The code we are talking about is *#21# and according to who is reporting this news it would allow you to instantly find out if someone is spying on or intercepting you. If in some way someone could really have used this option fraudulently in the past, it is also true that the code does not serve at all to find out if you are intercepted and could at the same time generate panic or fake security in those who use it.

What the code *#21# does, to be entered in the call number keypad and then sending the call, and check if they are active direct call forwarding. In this way you will be able to check for free and quickly, with all operators, if a call or SMS transfer is active from your number to another.

Even if someone had really used this system to ensure that every call directed to you arrives on another mobile phone, it is easy to understand how you would probably have already noticed it and above all it is not exactly the definition of spying or intercepting, but rather of hijacking or stealing your calls.

In case you have activated call forwarding by mistake the code to disable them all is ##002#. The way in which this information was conveyed is clearly aimed at “stealing” a few clicks and views thanks to psychological terrorism. The truth is much simpler and less scary.

We must then add another thing: interceptions are only possible by the police and if your phone is monitored, it is certainly not with this code that you will discover it.

Below you will find a short video where we explain it.

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