The ‘Sweep the Flooring’ fundraiser for the ROWVA music program broke the previous record

ALTONA, Ill. (KWQC) – This year, all of Knox County residents took to the stage to raise money for General Store Tap’s “Clean the Ceiling” fundraiser.

In Tap General Store raised over $1,600 for the ROWVA Music Department this year. According to Village President Derrick Appel, the amount raised in 2022 was $1,074.

“My goal with ROWVA The music program is to make it free to enter for all students, so we try to cover all minor fees as much as possible,” said ROWVA Music Director Wes Anderson.

According to Anderson, the district has about 180 students, and of those, about 30 participate in the school orchestra. For Anderson’s department, the funds go toward replacing items like reeds and drum heads.

“I’m over the moon because everyone was guessing,” Store Tap owner Marsha Anseeuw said. “When I looked at it, I didn’t think it was as much as last year, and then it was 15, 16, and the money is still coming in, so we don’t have official data, but it’s amazing how A small community gathered. “

For a city like Altona, many have a personal connection to the city and school district. Appel talked about how his family is still involved with the group.

“When I heard that number 16, I was like, ‘Wow,'” Appel said. “It’s good for the music program, my kids were in the band, my wife and I are big on music reinforcement.”

When the ceiling was swept Friday night, a total of $1,676 was raised.

Anseeuw was still fundraising for the event throughout the night, so the total amount raised from the Sweep the Ceiling fundraiser has not been confirmed at this time. However, TV6 expects that the “Sweep the Roof” funding officials will arrive to share the final amount of money collected from the event.

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