The suspect was re-arrested in Lincoln

LINCOLN, Neb. (COLON) – A Lincoln man was arrested after allegedly looking into someone’s window early this morning, Lincoln police said.

Around 1:30 a.m., Lincoln police responded to a report of a man looking in the window of a nearby home near 60th Street and Ballard Avenue in the Havelock neighborhood.

Arriving officers located 64-year-old Joseph Reyna, who matched the witness’s description, near the apartment building. He was arrested and booked into the jail for second degree trespassing.

According to LPD, the suspect has been arrested about 9 times for similar crimes since 2021.

A look at Reyna’s criminal history shows that he has been arrested numerous times on similar charges, with an arrest warrant dating back to 1985.

One such case was reported to police in September 2022, when a Lincoln man reported that a man matching Reyna’s description was looking into his 10-year-old son’s bedroom window. The second incident, reported to police on January 8, 2023, was reported by a Lincoln couple with four minor children. They told police that a man, later identified as Reyna, had been repeatedly looking in their windows and driving slowly by their home over the course of two weeks.

Court documents show Reyna was arrested for the incidents on Jan. 30. He is charged with criminal trespass and disturbing the peace. Those cases are still open, and court records show Reyna failed to appear on the dates related to the charges, was arrested on March 1 for failure to appear and was taken into custody on March 6. He will appear again on those charges at the end of the month. .

Reyna also served six months in prison after being arrested on similar charges in August 2021. In that case, police were called to a Lincoln couple’s home after a woman reported Reyna with her hand down her pants looking through their windows. Police found Reyna in the neighborhood and determined he matched surveillance video of the incident.

In this case, he was originally charged with four counts of trespassing and two counts of disturbing the peace. The judge amended the charge to two counts of disturbing the peace and sentenced Reyna to three months in jail.

10/11 NOW was able to find that Reyna was charged with disturbing the peace in 1985, but details surrounding that incident were not readily available. Jail records show Reyna never served time in prison for trespassing or peeping, but he did serve several years in the late 1980s and early 1990s for forgery and theft.

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