The SD legislature failed to override Noem’s four vetoes

PIERRE, SD (SDBA) – The South Dakota Legislature failed to override Republican Gov. Kristy Noem’s vetoes of four bills Monday morning.

The House failed to override the Governor’s vetoes of HB 1193 and HB 1209.

HB 1193 Revises the Uniform Commercial Code, specifically as it relates to digital currency.

This vote failed 30 to 37.

HB 1209 would have allowed hemp processors to go up to 5% THC in their raw product concentration, but all finished products would have to be reduced to .3%.

This vote failed 32 to 35.

The Senate also failed to override the governor’s vetoes of SB 108 and SB 129.

SB 108 was a so-called “suck and spit” bill that would allow students 18 and older to try their class’s brewing, distilling and winemaking samples.

This vote failed 5 to 30.

SB 129 would have upgraded assault on a school employee from a misdemeanor to a felony.

This measure failed 20 to 15.

To override a veto, each chamber must have a two-thirds majority. None of the bills received a two-thirds majority.

These were all laws previously passed by the legislature.

The Legislature failed to override the HB 1109 veto before the regular session ended on March 7. It would have allowed local business improvement districts to raise hotel fees from $2 to $4.

The Legislature is expected to adjourn for the 2023 session the sinus dies.

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