The new Google Camera also brings news to the Pixel 7

The surprises related to the latest version of the Google Camerathe 8.8but this time relative to the series Pixel 7 (Here you can find our review of Pixel 7 Proin case you missed it).

If in fact the GCam (here’s how to install it) had ported on the series Pixel 6 the quick night photos, on the latest smartphones from the Mountain View house we can see a novelty from the point of view graph view In the cursor of the zoom.

Already at launch, the series Pixel 7 offered a new slider zoom compared to that of other Google smartphones, where there is simply one line surmounted by a circle indicating the magnification (image below, Pixel 6 with GCam 8.8).

With the Pixel 7/Pro, however, we were able to access ainterface more detailed (image below, right – Pixel 7 with GCam 8.7), where the line is replaced by an oblong pill (reminiscent of the Material You style) with increments highlighted by points on a graduated scale and the indication of the minimum or maximum zoom.

The colored circle that indicates the selection and the zoom level the current one, however, is positioned above the scale.

This until version 8.7 of Google Camera, where perhaps the circle was too large and the text size for the current zoom level too small. There version 8.8 decisively changes these aspects and also renews the graduated scale, with a more modern style (image below).

The circle disappears and the level of current zoom is shown by a written simple larger, with color following the Dynamic Color theme. The graduated scale instead passes from points to some lines, with an appearance reminiscent of the graduation on the lens of a DLSR, always with color theme.

Nothing overwhelming, therefore, but sufficient to improve theuser experience and using the zoom. The new GCam 8.8 is being distributed on Google Playbut not yet available for everyone. At the time of writing, we still have the update 8.7 of 13 Marchbut it should arrive in the next few hours or days at the latest.

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