Stopping adaptive charging is easier on Pixels

Interest around the Google Pixels has grown considerably in recent years. The smartphone by BigG are now available on a permanent basis in the Italian market and are also appreciated for an uncommon price stability in the current panorama.

In the last few hours it seems to have arrived an interesting novelty for the Pixels, which closely concerns the charging mode of the battery. Specifically, it’s about the ability to stop adaptive charging faster and easier.

The adaptive charging it has been present on Google Pixels for at least a couple of years. This provides a slower charging speed if you connect your smartphone to the charger when you usually sleep, with the certainty of having a full charge within the alarm set by the user. The purpose of all this is to preserve the longevity of the battery, recharging it with a lower power, which in turn implies a less overheating.

The novelty that Google is introducing for its Pixels we see it in screenshot below. It’s about a notification which is shown when you connect your smartphone to the charger and adaptive charging starts automatically. Through the notification it is possible to stop the adaptive charging, and then activate the classic mode fast chargingby tapping the relevant option.

In short, nothing revolutionary, given that adaptive charging has always been deactivated from the Android settings, but certainly an extra convenience for those who need not to use adaptive charging occasionally.

The novelty should be being distributed for all Pixel owners updated to ad Android 13. Let us know if you have used the new option before and if you find it comfortable.

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