RANKED: These are the worst and best flavors of SPAM

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) – We all know Hawaii loves SPAM. Hawaii sells 7 million cans of SPAM a year.

Over the years, SPAM has scaled down many unique flavors from SPAM Baked Pies and SPAM Teriyaki to seasonal flavors such as SPAM Pumpkin or SPAM Fig Pudding. (And who could forget SPAM’s limited edition Portuguese sausage?)

National publication Daily food took a stab at ranking the 10 flavors of SPAM for the year from worst to best.

The last deadly SPAM is Hot & Spicy. They describe it as “slightly warm and barely spicy” and say that “there seems to be a very small amount of tongue-burning and emotion-inflaming ingredients thrown into the mix.”

And it comes as no surprise, classic SPAM! They say “classics are classics for a reason, and classic, tried and true Spam Classic is definitely the best Spam out there.”

Here is a list of them from worst to best.

  • Hot and interesting SPAM
  • SPAM Lite
  • SPAM less sodium
  • SPAM with real Hormel Bacon
  • SPAM Jalapeno
  • SPAM oven roasted turkey
  • SPAM with Tocino Seasoning
  • Hickory Doody SPAM
  • SPAM Teriyaki
  • Classic SPAM

While this list by foodies Daily foodOur own Grace Lee ranks the flavors of SPAM for Hawaii News Now’s 2019 Foodie Fix.

While Grace thought much higher for the reduced sodium SPAM and much lower for the teriyaki – she agreed that the Hot & Spicy SPAM was not hot or spicy enough and that the Classic SPAM was the best.

Anyone else have a positive wish right now?

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