OnePlus 11 in the “Gioviana” edition from 29 March

After the rumors that scared OPPO and OnePlus enthusiasts in Europe, those relating to a hypothetical abandonment of the European market and partially denied by OPPO for Italy, let’s go back to talking about smartphone that we might see in the future.

We are talking about the next variant of OnePlus 11, the one whose existence we learned a few days ago and which now seems in home straight.

It’s about the version Jupitero Jovian precisely, of OnePlus 11. After the first rumors that emerged last week, OnePlus confirms that the Jupiter Rock Limited Edition of OnePlus 11 is really coming to market.

The main focus of this device, as announced by the Chinese division of OnePlus itself, will be i materials. These will be hand-selected materials, with an extremely high rate of return. Specifically, it should be one microcrystalline rockmade with an unprecedented production process.

No images of the device have been leaked at the moment, so we can’t get any idea what material it will be used for.

However, OnePlus has ensured that each unit sold will be hand selected. We therefore expect a prezzo important launch.

The new OnePlus 11 Jupiter Rock Limited Edition will arrive exclusively for Chinese market, at least at the beginning. The presentation is set for the next one March 29.

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