ND Senate votes to increase interstate speed to 80 mph; already left the house

BISMARCK, ND (KFYR) – If your travels take you through North Dakota, it might take a little less time to get where you’re going.

The speed limit on interstates in North Dakota is 75 mph. But it may not be for long.

The state Senate advanced House Bill 1475 on Wednesday, which would raise the interstate speed limit to 80 mph in most of the state. The North Dakota Highway Patrol is neutral on the issue because the bill would allow them to maintain speed limits in some areas, such as the scenic area around Medora.

“In areas that cannot safely support an increase to 80 mph, NDDOT will conduct additional engineering analysis to determine the appropriate speed limit,” said Sen. Bob Paulson, R-Minot.

Proponents say the increase would bring North Dakota into line with states to our south and west, which already have 80 mph speed limits. Despite bipartisan support, the North Dakota Safety Council opposed the bill, arguing that increasing the speed limit would lead to more traffic deaths.

The bill was passed in the Senate with 25 to 21 votes. Then it goes to the governor’s desk.

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