Musician of the Month: Nick Burke

SIOUX FALLS, SD (Dakota News Now) – Nick Burke found a love for music early in life. Growing up in Pierre, his mother often brought people together, including him, with her voice. When Burke turned 13, the drum major soon developed a love for the guitar. He says that singing was a bit difficult at one time, but over the years he has become good enough to combine all his skills into one.

“I think music brings a lot of people together and I try to play every time,” Burke said. “I always want to play music that I personally care about, and that’s obvious.” Since the early 2010s, he has been inspired by analog acoustic and folk music from that time, but also dives into music between the 80s and 90s.

Nick Burke performs at Levitt in Sioux Falls.(Nick Burke)

Burke shows up early and often this year with performances throughout the Sioux Falls area and even a few weddings. He still considers playing music a hobby, but is open to exploring new opportunities if they present themselves. Whatever happens, he wants music to remain a happy place for him. “I’ve always thought that if your hobby really turns into a job, you can’t enjoy every aspect of it,” Burke said. “I’m perfectly happy it’s a hobby.”

After college, Burke decided to move to Sioux Falls to find more playing opportunities. In the beginning, he says that he tried to get everything his own way, but in the last six years everything has changed. What started out as one or two places seemed to explode into a new place every month. For now, he says he appreciates performing for communities he’s familiar with and within a place he knows as home.

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