Motorola Razr Plus could instead have a bad minus!

The foldable smartphone segment is getting more and more alive, with Samsung preparing the ground for the launch of the new Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Flip 5, Google even preparing the launch of its first foldable, and Motorola which is finalizing the new Razr.

In the last few weeks we have talked about the new Motorola foldable from various aspects. We’ve seen what it should look like live, and also some of the alleged technical specifications. Now we learn further details which doesn’t seem particularly positive.

According to what has just been reported by mySmartPrice sources, the new Motorola Razr should arrive on the market under the name of Motorola Razr Plus. And it’s curious learn this name when you learn the details about the battery it will integrate: it will in fact be a single module to be 2.850 mAh.

Clearly this is a battery relatively small. And step back compared to the Motorola Razr 2022’s 3,500mAh battery and comparable to the first 2020 Razr.

The choice would be curious because the latest rumors indicate that instead the display of the new Razr will be bigger compared to those seen on previous generations.

Then the there are two alternatives in our opinion: the most probable is that Motorola has chosen a low-capacity battery in the name of one light weight and portability of the unprecedented smartphone, perhaps trusting in a software optimization especially pushed to provide decent autonomy to users. The second is that they will be in the new leaflet two modules for the battery, as often happens for foldables, and the one just leaked from 2,850 mAh is one only one of the two.

You just have to keep following us to discover the final answer to this doubt, as new rumors emerge about the next Motorola leaflet.

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