Minot bar owner questions relocation of ‘Girls Night Out’ event

MINOT, ND (KMOT) – A “Girls Night Out” themed event that was originally scheduled to take place at a downtown Minot bar on Tuesday was moved to Velva after the bar’s owner was told the event did not comply with city ordinances. became

Anthony Barrett, owner of The Drop Zone bar on Main Street in Minot, raised concerns about moving the event with the Minot City Council on Monday.

Barrett said his bar was supposed to host the event, and he thought he was following the city’s law when it comes to male dancers.

Barrett said he has already started promoting the event after he was informed he would no longer be able to host it, saying he would lose thousands of dollars because of the change.

“At first I was told it was not a good idea. Then they told me that I can go. And then, as the Chief [John Klug] said, two hours later, when I was doing more advertising, they called me and said I couldn’t do it. It was Friday and the event was due [Tuesday]. So a lot of money, a lot of advertising has been put into it, I just have to eat,” Barrett said.

The event has instead been moved to the Lariat Lounge on Tuesday at 8pm

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