Lincoln police are cracking down on traffic signal violations in April

LINCOLN, Neb. (COLOGNE) – Law enforcement agencies across the country are asking drivers to put their phones on “Do Not Disturb” while driving because of a distracted driving warning in April.

From April 1 to April 22 with the help of a grant from Nebraska Highway Safety Administration, the Lincoln Police Department will begin implementing its Red Light/Distracted Driving Traffic Enforcement Project. The grant will help place additional officers near intersections with high crash rates to watch for red light violations.

Lincoln Police said their officers will strictly enforce traffic signal violations and will monitor drivers who text while driving. Violating a traffic signal is a $75 fine, and texting while driving is a $200 fine.

Nebraska has seen a 31.7 percent increase in motor vehicle crashes since 2010, according to the Nebraska chapter of the National Safety Council.

LPD encourages drivers to be aware of traffic signals and put their phones away.

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