Killeen Municipal Court Clears 130 Warrants, ‘Proceeds 61 Defendants in Latest Warrant Roundup’

KILIN, Texas (KWTX) – Killeen Municipal Court cleared 130 warrants and “reviewed 61 defendants” during its most recent two-week warrant review, city officials said.

The court imposed a fine of $72,982.44. Additionally, $4,304 in fines were cleared through jail credit and $965 in fines were cleared through community service.

Those with outstanding warrants were advised to plead guilty in December 2022. These people were told to go to the court building without fear of arrest. The court also waived all additional warrant fees but warrant fines.

The court first issued a six-month notice for those on the active warrant list to clear their names.

From February 27 to March 10, the Killeen Police Department actively pursued those who had not taken steps to clear their warrants.

“I consider the program a success from start to finish,” said judge Chris Krishna. “Many heeded our warnings and took action to clear their warrants during the warrant forgiveness period. Through our partnership with the Police Department, we were able to clear another 130 warrants during our review period. While some were arrested, many were able to clear their names online or in person.”

For more information about this Municipal Court program and to view the active warrant list, which is updated weekly, visit www.KilleenTexas.gov/Court.

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