James Arthur Vineyards is hosting an Inappropriate Food Pairing Event

LINCOLN, Neb. (COLOGNE) – James Arthur Vineyards hosted a junk food pairing event on Saturday to push people out of their comfort zone a little while wine tasting.

Jim Ballard is the owner of James Arthur Vineyards and he says that they have “Unfortunate Wine Pairing” events every Saturday in March. Customers have the opportunity to try a different combination of junk food every weekend.

The day begins with a wine pairing class to introduce people to bold flavors, and by the end of the day people are looking ahead to what unique combinations they will try next. Ballard said a lot of thought goes into tasting events.

“We’ll spend an afternoon just tasting junk food and drinking wine, and we’ll say, ‘does this go with that,’ and we just start putting these combinations together, and before you know it, we have amazing pairings. we have food and wine, – he said.

The crowd pleaser was Doritos ranch and semi-sweet wine. However, Bullard said the sky is the limit when it comes to creating these combinations. The vineyard has been hosting this event for six years now, and they plan to continue putting a fun twist on wine pairings.

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