Has your Google search bar become “chubby” too?

Let’s go back to talking about the many Google apps and services dedicated to the world smartphone e tablet, especially for what is related to Android. This time we talk dell’app Google.

In fact, in the last few hours some have emerged graphic novelties concerning the Google app, and specifically its search bar. As you can see from the screenshots below, the search bar of the Google app, the one found on the app’s home screen, has become much thicker. From the images we can easily understand that its height has practically doubled.

In addition to this graphical change for the search bar, we see that some gods have been added below the bar widget with direct links to various features. Here they are full:

  • Acquire products starting from their own screenshots.
  • To translate text with your own camera.
  • Search for photos within your library.
  • Find solutions to math problems by framing the paper with the camera.
  • Automatic identification of musica.

Looking at the big picture, we understand that the new search bar may have been made much thicker just to be coherent with the look of the widgets we just described.

The novelty we have just seen has been present on the Google app for some time iOS devices and is being rolled out to those who have joined the beta version of the Google app for Android devices (starting with version 12.14). Let us know if she has also arrived in your area.

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