Google Pixel 8 Pro could take even more detailed night photos

Although there is still some time left before the launch of Google Pixel 8 e Pixel 8 Pro, interesting rumors about the company’s future smartphones are already leaking on the web. In particular, there is one that concerns the photographic sector of the variant Pro of the device: this is the mode Night Sight. Before going into this news, let’s remember that Google already introduced a rather new feature on the Pixel 7 Pro, namely the ability to manage telephoto lenses. In practice, if you zoom in on an image but not enough to telephoto, the Camera app will shoot with both the main sensor and the telephoto lens, using the additional data to enhance the central part of the photo.

Returning to the present, the version 8.8 of Google Camera e 9to5Google he wasted no time analyzing his code, finding something new. Indeed, it would seem that the Google Pixel 8 Pro could take advantage of a new version of the feature Multi-camera Super Res Zoomi.e. the ability to use both camera sensors to capture an image and combine them to make a single night sight shot. In practice, night photos could benefit from a higher level of detail than we’ve seen up to now.

Considering how much Google has invested in Night Sight mode in recent years, this is not a real surprise. Google, in fact, since the launch of Pixel 3, has pushed hard for users could enjoy sharp, detailed night shots. Therefore, we just have to wait to find out how the company’s machine learning will manage this new and interesting feature.

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