Four people were arrested in a drug bust outside an elementary school in Dickinson

DICKINSON, N.Y. (KFYR) – Dickinson Police and the Southwest Narcotics Task Force arrested four people Sunday afternoon for possession of meth, cocaine, marijuana, and fentanyl across the street from Prairie Rose Elementary School.

They arrested Aaron Baker as he was leaving an apartment on West 29th Street.

They arrested Demetris Askew and Willie McCauley inside and are believed to have flushed more drugs down the toilet before forcing officers to enter.

They also arrested Janae Dy-Osmon, who they say alerted the men from upstairs that the police were coming.

“The callous efforts of these people to spread this poison in our community, especially near a primary school, is beyond comprehension. Those looking to follow in their footsteps should think twice, or we will gladly help you relocate to 3100 Railroad Ave. in Bismarck,” said Dickinson Police Officer LT Mike Hanel. “We appreciate the tenacity of our officers. We are proud to have worked this case throughout the weekend and were able to safely and successfully apprehend those who seek to harm our community.”

984 West 29th Street Apartment #2, Dickinson(KFYR)

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