Does Google Contacts update for Pixel Fold?

We are very familiar with Google’s commitment to the smartphone sector on the software side, with Android, its services and apps being updated constantly. Today we’re talking about an update for one of BigG’s basic apps, Google Contacts.

The Google Contacts app just got a new updatewhich is particularly significant because it introduces the new graphical interface characteristic of Material You.

As you can see, come on screenshot found at the end of this article, the update specifically involves the graphical interface of Google Contacts designed for i tablet. We find a new navigation bar lateralwith the button for quick creation of new contacts marked with a + symbol.

Each side menu icon allows access to a different menu, including the well-known one Correct and manage which allows for import contacts, restore contacts and contact groups, e unification duplicate contacts.

With the new graphical interface, therefore, everything appears much more consistent with the Material You look, which we have already seen in the Google Contacts app per smartphone Android.

Seeing this new interface we wonder even if the update of Contacts for tablets does not arrive also in view of the Pixel Fold, the first foldable from Google which could arrive in a couple of months and which will most likely enjoy an ad hoc interface given the particular size of the display.

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