City University is creating a flood early warning system

UNIVERSITY CITY (KMOV) — Record rainfall in July 2022 caused widespread flooding that caused $30 million in damage and caused the condemnation of 300 homes in University City. The shock of the situation has led some flood victims to watch the weather forecast closely and become nervous when it rains.

“Every time I spill, I get a little scared,” Jesse Brown said.

Since last July, City University has taken steps to better prepare for the future. Based on the recommendation of the city’s flood commission, three rain gauges were installed as part of the early warning system.

Chief Bill Hinson is with the University City Fire Department.

“As soon as it rains, it starts measuring,” he said.

One of the gauges is located along Dillman Rock Industrial Island in Olivet. The second is west of University City near Paramount Drive and 82nd Street. The third is at the intersection of Drexel Drive and Wilson Avenue.

Each gauge is located near the River Des Peres to monitor the amount of water entering the river. The devices measure both the total rainfall over a 24-hour period and the critical rainfall rate.

“When they get to an hour and a half, they’re going to automatically send an alert to every police chief, every fire chief that’s on or off, so that the alert goes out across CodeRed to alert people in the area. know that there is a possibility of flooding in their area,” Hinson said.

Hinson said the city encourages all residents to sign up for CodeRed alerts to receive flood alerts or other types of alerts if needed.

Residents can learn more about the early warning system and check rain gauges Here. U City residents can sign up for CodeRed alerts Here or by texting UCITY to 99411. You can click to view a map of areas that were flooded in July 2022. Here.

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