Austin Butler ‘Always’ makes time for my daughter

Best friends forever. Ashley Tisdale pushed over Austin Butlerthe ability to be a great uncle in the middle of his whirlwind journey as an actor.

“He always made time, which is the most important thing to me, to make FaceTime a part of her life in some way,” Tisdale (37) said exclusively. Us Weekly on Wednesday, March 22, about Butler’s relationship with her daughter Jupiter. “He was always able to do that and I think that was something that was really sweet.”

The High School Musical actress, who promoted her partnership with Sweet Earth, he revealed, “Basically, like, the day after I had her, he was, like, FaceTiming us at the hospital. Even with his crazy schedule, he always finds time. And I think that’s just respectable.”

Ashley Tisdale Says BFF Austin Butler 'Always' Makes Time For Niece Jupiter, Gushes Over His Amazing Journey

Ashley Tisdale and Austin Butler. Earl Gibson III/Shutterstock; Chelsea Lauren/Shutterstock

The former Disney Channel star — who shares a two-year-old daughter with her husband Christopher French — explained that she hadn’t seen Butler (31) for some time because of his “crazy train” of media events around Elvis.

“He’s such an amazing actor and he’s worked really, really hard over the years to get where he is,” Tisdale said. Us the evolution of her friend’s career. “I saw that. I’ve seen his path and his process and I think he deserves so much.”

Butler won a Golden Globe and a BAFTA in February for his role as the King of Rock and Roll. He was also nominated for a Screen Actors Guild Award and an Academy Award for the role.

“It’s great to see that someone is ready [a goal saying], ‘This is what I want to do. This is the kind of work I want to do.’ And to see him do that, it’s really inspiring,” Tisdale continued. “I’m so happy for him. I think he’s great at what he does and a good person. So I’m really happy for him.”

The Carol’s second act alum joked that her love for Butler grew even deeper after they learned Ancestry’s 2 Lies and a Leaf November 2022. that they are cousins.

“He was like, ‘What?’ I was like, ‘Oh my God, that makes so much sense now,'” she said Us couple’s reactions to the news. “[If] I can’t catch him. I’m like, ‘Hi, that’s your cousin. You can’t ignore me, I’m family.’”

Watch Austin Butler Meet Ashley Tisdale's Daughter Jupiter: 'So Special'
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While Butler promoted Elvis since last year, Tisdale has been balancing her home life with her passion for a healthy lifestyle. The Frenshe founder’s latest step into good nutrition is a partnership of the herbal brand Sweet Earth for their “Vege Come Back” giveaway. (Winners can join Merry Happy Whatever actress while hosting an exclusive “plant-forward” dining experience in Los Angeles.)

“I’ve always loved a plant-based diet because of what it stands for. I like to be cruelty free. I’ve been on a journey through my life where I’ve been vegetarian and vegan at times due to dietary restrictions that I can’t fully commit to, but it’s important to me to eat plant-based meals throughout the week,” she explained to Us. “I was excited to partner with Sweet Earth because I love their food and it’s so easy.”

The Young & Hungry the producer continued, “I’m a busy person and a busy mom and I’m not, like, a huge cook, so it’s just nice to have them in the freezer whenever I need them.”

The “He Said She Said” singer noted that her choice to be progressive is something she’s already instilling in her “sassy” child.

“I think it’s important to choose one meal maybe a day or even just, for example, throughout the week, sprinkling in plant-based meals.” It’s just important to do, I think for [the] environment,” Tisdale added. “And so, I’m definitely doing that with Yu Bear.”

For more details on Tisdale’s partnership with Sweet Earth — and sweepstakes details — click here.

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