Artificial intelligence is also coming to Gmail – here’s how it will work

Soon we will no longer be able to do without theartificial intelligence (IA) not even to write an email: after the news of Microsoft in Microsoft 365 e Bing, Also Google in fact last week it announced that it is going to introduce functionality of IA generative in Gmailbut how will it actually work?

He reveals it to us 9TO5Google, which decompiled the popular app for Android, managing to enable some of the new features to come. Let’s discover them together, remembering you also our guide on how to use ChatGPT.

With the “Help me write” command, the AI ​​will write for you, but that’s not all

In the latest version of Gmail for Android (number 2023.03.05.515729449), the well-known site managed to enable a button called “Help me write” on the compose screen (image below, left), identified by an icon Magic wand.

Tapping it opens a text box that reads “Tell Gmail what to write for you” (image below, in the center), in which you can compose a sentence like “Write a birthday email to Alex who turns 23“.

Once the request is complete, tap the button Crea bottom right (image below, right).

Help me write about Gmail. Source: 9TO5Google

But that’s not all. Google is also working on a feature called “Improve my message” which will help you improve an already written text. This feature will be accessible via a special keyand once generated you can ask to create another version and give a “vote” to the AI ​​with a thumbs up or down (image below, right).

The concept is to make the message more formal (there will indeed be a button Formalize), Of add it, elaborate it better or even reduce it to a bulleted list.

Google even has announced that there will be a button called “I’m feeling lucky“, to give more freedom to the AI, and also one called “Write a draft” to give you an initial idea, but at the moment 9TO5Google was only able to see the keys “Help me write” e “Improve my message“, so it’s likely that at least in Gmail they’ll be the first to arrive.

E Gmail it won’t be the only app to benefit from this style feature ChatGPT: Google has indeed announced that too Google Docs he will receive them. As regards the timing, the release will not be immediate, as they will reach the first testers during the year, and then probably expand later on.

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